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We've helped 1,500 business owners & entrepreneurs from 27 industries to generate over RM 50 million in verified sales.
And after working with thousands of business owners to generate leads and 5-7 figure sales

we’ve managed to compile everything into a system that anyone can implement to generate streams of leads and sales online.

5G is upon us, it’s an era where you could download the entire netflix library in just 5 minutes.

But what if I told you that it’s more than just faster internet speed?

What if I told you that 5G also means a shift in technology

...a shift in how people behave online

...a shift in how people interact with technology

...a shift where the lines of country borders are blurred
Now, what does this have to do with small/ medium business owners & entrepreneurs?
This means big giant corporations are now your competitors.

This means you’re up against everyone in the world.

Plus, in a world where everyone is “going online” selling products or services similar to yours...
How do you build a 5G Lifeboat business, get leads, sales & clients in this era?
Everyone’s talking about funnels, social media, creating content and other complicated stuff…

But there’s one thing no one seems to be talking about.

It’s pretty obvious, but somehow it seems like nobody is paying attention to it. (and this could be your breakthrough opportunity)

And that one thing is... 
Smartphone Marketing.

FREE Fast Growth Business Masterclass

2 Hour Live Implementation Workshop

All from the comfort of your home.
We’ll show you how to market your business online using ONLY your smartphone with the V.I.S.C.O. system.

These are actual strategies with actual results!

We don’t teach...

  • Complicated funnels
  • ​Fancy branding tactics
  • ​Theories that sound good but doesn't actually work
Straight to the point, no beating around the bush.

I’ll give you the good stuff:
  • The exact [V.I.S.C.O.] system that gets you new leads & sales with nothing but your smartphone - never needing to worry about complicated technology ever again
  • ​How to build a “lifeboat” business for the 5G era and how you can get to your clients Faster, Cheaper, Quicker than ever before - all through the tap of a button 
  • ​The [MICRO Social Media Strategy] to get clients fast and quick - even if you have no huge following online or are not an expert
  • ​The top 5 powerful tools & software that will revolutionize the way you run your business and grow it like crazy
Everyone is now on the go.

We are making buying decisions, bank transfer, payments & life changing decisions all on smartphones.

Think about it, when was the last time you’ve made a purchase from your clumsy laptop?

It’s time to stop being “busy” online, and start making BANK online.

And I’ll show you how to do that using the V.I.S.C.O system.

So that you can market your business to where people are paying attention at, and convert cold skeptical strangers to hot buying customers.

Your Trainer

David Chua

International Bestselling Author. Global Speaker. Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist

  • The foremost authority in Asia on marketing and business growth. 
  • International print and amazon bestselling author of his latest book "Go Digital", he also has authored the book "Raving Fans Customers" & "How To Sell To Anyone". 
  • Generated at least RM 50 Million in verified clients' sale.
  • Runs many of his own businesses, like Vertex Mastery - the leading online education and coaching company, and Kimgres Tiles - a listed company with over 400million yearly turnover. 
  • ​​One of the youngest and most requested marketing speakers in the Asia Pacific region and his live seminar events continue to sell out to audiences from around the world. 
  • ​Featured on ABC, CBS, FOX News, Sarawak Tribune, The Star, Capital TV and many others. 

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FREE Fast Growth Business Masterclass

2 Hour Live Implementation Workshop

All from the comfort of your home.
This is a LIVE masterclass.

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